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Choosing Baby Crib Bedding

Before the baby comes, baby crib bedding is among the most important things that parents must make arrangements for. Infants spend the most of their first six months in their crib. It’s therefore essential to give them the best baby essentials so the crib becomes comfortable and safe for them.  Here are a few handy tips for parents when choosing baby crib bedding.

Comfort and Safety

Baby crib bedding essentials must be as comfortable and safe as possible. Choose sheets made out of cotton or anything that has a high thread count, since the fabric has a lot to do with the baby’s comfort. The blankets have to be thick enough to keep the baby warm in cold nights, but they must not be too thick to suffocate the baby. For the baby’s safety, make sure that the mattress is thick enough and fits well in the crib. The mattress cover must snugly fit on the mattress and the bumpers have enough thickness.

Interesting Design

The environment that your baby is exposed to has a lot to do with the development of his or her senses. Thus, choosing a baby crib bedding with colorful patterns is a great idea. The popular choices of parents these days are the themed baby crib bedding. If you shop in your local specialty baby stores, you can only have a few choices. If you want to broaden your search for themed baby crib bedding, it’s best to browse the internet.


Baby crib baby bedding sets come in different number of pieces. Some have four basic pieces and some even have 12 or more. You must decide on your budget first and start searching for the right set. The advantage of shopping online is that most sellers cut down on their items’ prices often.


What Baby Bedding To Choose?

While waiting for your baby to come, you will be facing a great challenge – and that is choosing the right baby bedding from hundreds of designs available today.  You’ll be confused about what baby bedding to choose. You really don’t have to concern yourself too much. The vitally important things are your baby’s safety and comfort and the right design for your baby’s gender. Otherwise, you’ll be facing a litany of problems which could have been avoided.

If you get a baby bedding that’s too soft, your baby can get into it and he or she may be suffocated. Generally, soft means comfort. However, infants are not strong enough to recover from the danger they can accidentally find themselves in. They are not even capable of knowing that they are in danger in the first place. As a parent, it’s your role to ensure the safety of your baby.

To avoid any problem that can harm your baby, get a baby bedding which is firm enough to be safe and soft enough to be comfortable. You need to make sure that the baby bedding doesn’t get depressed much when it holds your baby’s weight. A baby bumper also needs to have the right firmness so your baby’s nose and mouth are kept from being caught against the fabric as he or she rolls over.

When you have ascertained the safety and comfort of your baby, then the sky is the limit for a baby bedding’s creative and fun designs. Of course, you won’t want a guest to say “cute girl” to your baby boy. You can choose a specific design that suits your baby’s gender, or you can get a gender-neutral design if you intend to use the baby bedding for your next baby.


Search For Crib Baby Bedding Online

If you try to check for different designs and types of crib baby bedding for your baby at your local stores, you will have limited choices. Additionally, travelling from store to store is tiresome, time-consuming and makes you spend much gas which will add to the cost of the crib baby bedding.

To keep yourself from the hassle of checking from store to store, you need to search for crib baby bedding online. Online shopping is the widely used method today. It helps you save money from gas and you can search for the item you’re looking for with less effort at the comfort of your own home.

When buying crib baby bedding online, you only need to have a computer, internet connection and a credit card. Always keep in mind that there are fly-by-night online sellers which will only take your money without physical items to deliver. You should shop at a website with a good reputation and has been selling for years online.

When you have already chosen a crib baby bedding set that suits your budget and your baby’s gender and your lifestyle, you just have to click the “buy this item” or “add to cart” button to complete your purchase. When your payment has already been verified by the seller website, all you need to do is to wait for the purchased item to be delivered.


Nursery Bedding Buyer’s Guide

Choosing good-quality nursery bedding is crucial because babies spend most of their first six months in the crib.  Most parents today are health conscious and eco-minded. They want their baby to play and sleep only in a crib with safe and comfortable nursery bedding. When shopping for nursery bedding, there are some things that need to be considered.

Materials – A baby bedding to be considered safe is free from petroleum-based chemicals so your baby is not exposed to plastic and harmful toxins. The materials used in nursery bedding must be made of breathable cotton or any high thread count material to provide comfort for your baby. Blankets and cotton sheets must also be soft, lightweight and warm with sufficient cushion.

Quality – Choose a nursery bedding with good quality. A popular brand has become popular due to some good reason. Pick a set from a reliable brand. A reputable manufacturer ensures that its products have passed quality control and conform to safety standards.

Size – The nursery bedding must conform to the size of your baby crib, so pay attention to the measurements of the beddings and your crib’s measurements. A bumper without enough length to fully fit the sides of the cribs leaves open spaces. The mattress cover must fit the mattress perfectly.

Color – Pick nursery bedding with colors that suit the gender of your baby. For your little girl, you can choose from hues of pink, light blues and soft pastels. For boys, you can pick blues and browns. You can also choose a set with neutral colors for any gender.

Design – Nursery beddings come in various themes, styles and colors. It is best to choose a set which will match the décor of the baby’s room. If you don’t want to be troubled with thinking about getting matching accessories after the bedding set arrives, pick a set that includes many coordinating pieces aside from the basic ones, such as window valances, wall hangings and more.


Advantages Of Buying A Baby Bedding Set

One of the advantages of buying a baby crib bedding set against buying in pieces is that everything in the set is coordinated. This can take a lot of work out of decorating a baby’s room. As you look at hundreds of available designs and options of baby bedding sets, the set you need to choose depends on your taste and the baby’s requirements.

Baby bedding sets come in a wide array of designs from princesses to animals to aircrafts, and a lot more than you can imagine. However, you already know the design that you want so it won’t be too difficult for you.

Baby bedding sets can consist of 4 up to 16 pieces. The four basic items included in a set are baby quilt or comforter, a bumper set, fitted crib sheet and dust ruffle or crib skirt. Some other baby bedding sets include coordinating items aside from these 4 basic items such as window valances, hanging mobiles, diaper stackers, decorative pillows, toy organizers, wall hangings, throw and some others.

Another advantage of buying baby bedding set is that it saves you a reasonable amount of money than buying in pieces. You may think that the only things you need now are the fitted sheet and a crib bumper. The next day you may think that having a crib skirt and a window valance can look great, and so on. This, of course, can cost you much. Buying a baby bedding set that inlcudes many coordinating pieces during your first purchase is therefore a good idea.


Finding Safe Baby Bedding

A baby bedding is among the most important things to find aside from feeding bottles and baby crib when expecting a baby. The number one rule is to find a baby bedding set that provides maximum safety for the baby while being comfortable. Finding a safe baby bedding may take time but it’s all worth it because your baby will play and sleep safely in the crib.

The perfect baby bedding is not too soft or too hard. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) was mostly attributed to very soft bedding. This is because a baby bedding that’s too soft can cover the mouth and nose of the baby which makes him or her inhale the same air that has been exhaled. Instead of inhaling oxygen, the baby inhales carbon dioxide which is seriously dangerous.

Baby bedding sets come in four basic pieces although some include other matching accessories. In finding safe baby bedding, you must pay attention to the four basic pieces.

Baby Quilt – A baby quilt or comforter is for babies up to 1-year old. Avoid a fluffy quilt as it can interfere with your baby’s breathing. If the baby bedding set you purchased includes a fluffy quilt, it must be removed from the crib before you put your baby to sleep.

Crib Bumper – Make it a point that the ties of the crib bumper are away from your baby’s reach because he or she can get tangled in them. The bumper must not be too fluffy to avoid suffocation when the baby rolls into it, and it must have no decorative openings that the baby can reach into.

Fitted Crib Sheet – Be sure that the fitted sheet fits the crib mattress. A sheet that comes free can wrap around the baby and may cause him or her serious harm.

Dust Ruffle – The dust ruffle or crib skirt prevents dust from getting collected under the crib and is also used for decorative purposes. It doesn’t get in direct contact with the baby so any design is fine.


Themed Baby Bedding

The most important part of a nursery is the baby crib. It’s where the baby sleeps in, and anybody who enters the baby’s room looks at the crib first rather than at any other part of the room.  It’s true that a themed nursery can be quite expensive than a plain nursery but it is fun to for the baby, the parents and the guests to look at.

There are themed baby bedding sets that come in a complete package which help parents to save money than buying in pieces, and save them time in decorating the nursery. Some parents prefer to purchase separate pieces instead of an entire set so they can add their own personal touches.

Once babies are born, their senses become more active and they become more aware of their surroundings. Your baby’s first few months are the perfect time to introduce different patterns to your baby. There are lots of options when choosing baby items, and themed baby bedding is one of them.

There are so many themed baby bedding sets specific for boys or girls and there are also gender-neutral themed sets. Most of their designs are created for your baby to enjoy until the time you convert the nursery into a toddler’s room.